Jacob Biamonte

Research Group Leader
ISI Foundation
Via Alassio 11/c
10126 Torino, Italy
(+39) 011 6603090 ext. 202

Research Interests

  • Mathematical physics, network theory, tensor network states, chemical reaction networks
  • Computational and Hamiltonian complexity theory, circuit theory and connections to condensed matter physics, adiabatic quantum computation
  • Quantum algorithms to simulate many-body physics and ab initio chemistry on a quantum computer,
  • Quantum network theory, mathematical network theory, chiral quantum walks

I lead the Theory Group at the ISI Foundation in Turin Italy.

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Professional Memberships
Azimuth Project
American Physical Society
IEEE committee task force on quantum computing (invited)
Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi)

My old St Peter’s College Oxford staff page
My old page at Oxford University
My old page at Harvard

Editorial Boards
Frontiers in Physics
Natural Computing
Theoretical Computer Science
Frontiers in Quantum Computing
Journal of Complex Networks

Guest lecturer, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), University of Waterloo
Lecturer in Physics, St Peter’s College, University of Oxford
EPSRC Funded Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of Oxford
Research Assistant, University of Oxford
Doctorate from the University of Oxford
Research Fellow, Harvard University
Research Physicist/Consultant, D-Wave Systems, Inc. The Quantum Computing Company

A Few Talks
Invariant Theory for Matrix Product States, Networking Tensor Networks: many-body systems and simulations, May 2012, Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual, Benasque Spain. [Slides PPT and PDF]
Quantum versus Classical Network Structure and Function, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Science (IIIS), Center for Quantum Information (CQI), (2011). [PDF of slides]. [YouKu Video]
Penrose Graphical Notation for Tensor Network States, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Seminar Archive (PIRSA), (2011). [PDF of slides],http://pirsa.org/11080059/ (multiple media formats).

A Course on Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics
with John Baez
235 pages, (2012)
Tensor Networks in Quantum Theory
with Ville Bergholm
152 pages, (2014) [draft version]

Five Representative Publications
Categorical Tensor Network States
with Stephen R.Clark and Dieter Jaksch
AIP Advances 1(4), 042172 (2011)
Racing a quantum computer through Minkowski spacetime
J. Phys. Conf. Ser. Vol. 1. No. 229. Pages 012020. 2010.
Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer
with B. P. Lanyon et al.,
Nature Chem. No. 2. Pages 106–111. 2010.
Realizable Hamiltonians for universal adiabatic quantum computers
with Peter J. Love
Physical Review A 78‚ 012352. 2008.
Non−perturbative k−body to two−body commuting conversion Hamiltonians and embedding problem instances into Ising spins
Physical Review A 77‚ 052331. 2008.
For a complete publication list follow this link. For a list of the publications that the group has produced since I joined ISI in January of 2012, click here.